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Boho Picnic Birthday Party

For our daughter’s 12th birthday this year she wanted to have her friends over to swim. So to add a little extra flare to that idea, we threw a Boho Picnic Birthday Party for her. She + her friends went swimming in the lake, had a painting sesh inside and enjoyed cake + yummy snacks at this low-key fab Boho Picnic.

*I might be a total control freak or a solid Pinterest mom, either way I’m definitely a DIYer and I made pretty much everything for this party by myself. From the Balloon Arch to the Birthday Cake I made it. I obviously enjoy doing these things, but you can always hire someone to recreate this or buy pretty much anything pre-made these days!

Keep scrolling to check out this fun and adorable Bohemian-Inspired Birthday Party!!

Boho Picnic Birthday


For the tablescape and décor I focused on combining form + function. Outside of the flowers, there are not any traditional décor items on this table. By using decorative placements, glasses, etc and having a larger “head of the table” seat I saved on buying those pricey “décor” items.

The balloon arch-pampas grass-Birthday Chair is the main staple to the overall decor look of this party. I searched high and low for this chair a year or two ago and snagged this one up from Walmart at a discount! (and we actually typically have it in our living room!)

The ballon arch was super easy to create and the pampas grass was from a bush in our yard!

(The one listed below is from Amazon and it is absolutely amazing!)

I made the floral runner from fresh farmers market flowers + floral wire.
[** DO THIS THE DAY OF ** I did this the night before and the flowers, even in a chilly room, wilted.]

I rented the dishes from a friend’s rental business, Party Time Rentals. (If you are local to the Charlotte, NC area I highly recommend them!) but you can get them fairly cheap online.

The food trays + grapes, as well as the cake also played into the décor of this boho look

Chair // Balloon Arch // Pink Goblet Glass // Woven Placement // Cream Salad Plate

Wooden Serving Tray // Cake Stand // Gold Charger // Glass Pitcher

Food + Drinks

My daughter opted out of the sandwiches that I had pinned for days, but check out these great ideas here. Instead we went with a simple meat + cheese charcuterie style snacking and tossed in some madelines + macaroons for the sweet tooth.

I made a Grapefruit Thyme Lemonade, which was super scrumptious! And also got some adorable pink drinks that were kept cold in some Rose Ice Cubes. (So cute!)

The cake I made using a box cake mix and just googled how to make it taste like a bakery cake!

Colored Cushions // Pampas Grass // Silver Beverage Tub // Rose Lemonade

Boho Picnic Party


Our little painting sesh was super simple to set up.
All these items were ordered from either Amazon or Target. Be sure not to forget to lay down a tablecloth. Even as an adult I still do this!

Painting is fun for all ages!

Mini Canvas // Canvas Stand // Acrylic Paint // Paint Tray // Paint Brushes

Outside Play

Living on the water definitely has it’s perks. This Water Pad has been a hit at several different types of parties over the years. If you are thinking about investing in one, totally take the bite.

If you don’t live on/near the water, don’t fret there are still a TON of outdoor activities that you can do in your own backyard such as cornhole, spikeball, ladder golf, or bocce ball.

Water Play Mat //

So Nice, We Did it Thrice

This was such a fun party to set up. After sharing on my personal social media page about this party, I had a friend reach out to me to see if I would recreate this for her daughter’s Sweet 16! Of course, I said yes.
She wanted to have hers set up inside on the enclosed porch and I absolutely love the cozy vibe it gave off!

Overall, this was such a fun party that I wish I could have every weekend!

I highly recommend throwing you + your friends a
Boho Picnic Birthday Party
this year!

Boho Picnic Party

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