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Activities for Kids

Why the Library is the Perfect Rainy Day Activity

Having a rainy day in the middle of the summer or while on an extended break with kids can leave you wondering what to do next. As mom of three I have grown to love and enjoy all the activities + fun times that are created by visiting a local library. The library is the perfect rainy day activity.
It’s education, free + most importantly – fun!

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Learn how to have fun- quietly

I think one of the things I like most about going to the library with the kids is that they learn how to have fun while staying quiet. I feel like we are ALL so stimulated any more and learning that there are ways to have fun and speak at a low volume while doing so is a great and helpful skill that will be utilized throughout their whole life.

Photo by Nicole Clark Photography
Being physical without being loud is something that can be beneficial for all kids!
Experiencing New Puzzles and Toys

The library always has a wide variety of toys + puzzles.

What is nice is that typically the library always has some sort of puzzle or toy that we don’t have at home. So the kids get to learn + experience new toys and mama doesn’t have to spend a dime!

Working with Others + Learning to Share

Being able to problem solving and working with others in an environment that you have to remain calm and remotely quiet is great. I feel like when you are outside the acceptance of kids screaming over toys becomes somewhat okay. In the library children can learn to share and problem solve together without being too loud.

Stay cozy at home in your own reading nook!
Exploring New Books

For obvious reasons, the library allows children to explore all kinds of new books. With the younger kids, they get to learn how to actually use a book. [i.e. open it, wait, read, turn the page, etc]

If you have older children you can have them search for a book by an author with their same name. or find a certain word in a title. This can help them learn how library books are categorized and it turn, can help build those researching skills that will need later in life !

With the younger children, you can have them find different colors or shapes in a book. This builds those same skills but on a different level.

Computer Skills

Most kids know how to use a tablet or a smart phone but many aren’t as familiar with a desktop computer. When at the library your kiddos can not only learn how to use an “old school” mouse and keyboard, but also they can learn to navigate the computer system + how to search for items.

This is another valuable skill that will be used throughout a kid’s whole life!

Fosters Independence in a Safe Environment

The library is a great place for your little one to find their independence, and to do so while in a safe environment.

Here are some other awesome things that the library offers!
  • Story-time
  • Summer Reading Programs
  • Printing access for more activities
  • Movies + CDs
  • Adult Activities: Coffee + Coloring
  • So many other activities

Give your local library a call
visit their website to see all that they offer!

WE love the library.
And want to know why you do too!

Let me know in the comments below
why you love your local library.

Photo by Nicole Clark Photography
Creating your own library at home!

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  1. I totally agree with all of this! Our libraries here have whole wings dedicated to kids with lots of games, puzzles, toys and of course books! There’s always some kind of child-friendly activity too, from story time to crafts. The library is an awesome place for a hot or rainy day!

  2. Love this! I just took my two oldest to get their own library cards. It seems to be falling at the wayside as more and more technology takes over and physical books are not as popular. But there is nothing like holding a good book! Thanks for sharing all of these great facets of a day at the library

    • I so agree ! I totally forgot that our oldest can get her own card! Thats super smart. Thankfully [and gratefully] she loves reading real books ! Even the you get boys seem to love them !

  3. Ashley,

    As a librarian in a public library, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this post!! I may be the adult librarian at a our small rural library, but these children will one day turn into the adults. If more parents followed even half of what you mentioned in this article, it would be fantastic! Social skills, reference skills, independence, behavior…all in addition to teaching them a love of books and libraries. Thank you so very much!


    • Thank you so much for the kind words !
      I literally grew up in the library and definitely want to pass on all that can be gained from enjoying your local public library !

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