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Natural Egg Dye for the Busy Family

Over the last several years I have seen all of these amazing posts about dying your Easter eggs with natural dye. I absolutely LOVE this idea but for our family we tend to never have [or should I say, make] the time to do it that way.

This year I decided to take a step towards going the all-natural route and ordered this Natural Egg Dye Kit. If you are like me and tend to wait until the last minute, you can get this on Prime, and receive it in 2 days. Leaving plenty of time to have some family fun before Easter Sunday.

This kit came with four different colors and they were probably the most vibrant dye colors we have ever used. You could leave the egg in anywhere from just a few minutes all the way up to twenty minutes for a SUPER rich color. The kids to gather some things to decorate the eggs with and they picked yarn, clover, flowers, + q-tips. [..and rocks, which didn’t really work out. Like at all…🤣]

After mixing the color packets with warm water the colors were ready for the eggs immediately.

We tried a few different things. Some worked and some, well, didn’t …

The first thing we tried was making prints on the eggs. We took a leaf, covered it with a paper towel, wrapped it with a rubber band and plopped it into the dye.
[They did suggest using a nylon stocking vs. a paper towel for this but we did not have that. It probably would have worked better though😂]

As you can see, it kind of worked…

The other neat thing we tried was using a white waxy crayon and then placing the egg into the dye. This worked fairly well. The cheaper crayon brand seemed to work better.

We also used the flowers to paint the dyed eggs. This was a neat step to add and made for a pretty cool look!

I did end up getting some shiny golden dye to experiment with. Although this isn’t a natural dye it was fun to incorporate.

This kit added some pretty accents to the the natural dye. It came with packets that you poured into the wells of the tray that was provided. The kit did come with little brushes as well but we chose to use those other items to decorate with.

Everyone started out using the little brushes or q-tips …

…but like most of our craft-time activities it eventually led to everyone just using their fingers to paint.
Which to be honest, was probably the best part of the egg decorating fun!

This was definitely an entertaining + enjoyable family activity for all. Even the adults!

I would totally recommend these two dye kits. You can get them both on Amazon today and be decorating no later than Wednesday! I linked some other items that you might like trying as well!

A couple more pics to enjoy ❤

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