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How to Mail-a-Hug During Quarantine

If you are a hugger, like me, this time spent in quarantine has been a bit rough. Recently, I found a way to send a hug to my other fellow huggers, so they can feel the warmth that fills the soul when you receive a hug! Read more to learn how to mail-a-hug!
It is super ideal for quarantine + social distancing!

The good thing is you don’t have to be a hugger to enjoy these In fact, it’s perfect for those non-huggers to receive a touch-free hug!

It is super simple to make and takes only a few supplies to create this wonderful gift that can mean so much, especially for right now.

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What Do You Need?


  • Banner Paper
  • Sharpie or Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Choice of Coloring
    • Crayons
    • Markers
    • Paint
  • Your Favorite Human to Trace


It’s a pretty fun + simple activity!
Read through these 10 steps to create your Mail-a-Hug!

1. Roll out the banner paper.

2. Have your favorite tiny person lay down with their arms out wide like they are about to embrace someone with a GIANT bear hug.

3. Use your sharpie or writing utensil to trace their head, arms, and the partial body that fits on to the paper.

4. Have your kiddo decorate their little person as they are or into something they wish to could be!

5. AFTER coloring + decorating, then cut out your hugging little bit of love.

7. Next, fold your cut out person with the arms crossed as if they were wrapping their arms around a loved one.

8. Once folded , then make a note explaining what they are receiving.

Our Message:

I love you Grandma _______, here is a hug since we can’t give you a real one. We miss you.
I hope you like the hugs!

– 10 year old Granddaughter.

9. Roll them up or place into a box to be mailed or delivered.

10. And finally, give your Mail-a-Hug to your loved one and watch the joy spread!

How we Gave this Gift

My mom, the kids’ grandmother [obvi], had been visiting once a week before quarantine and had been really missing our hugs. I planned on just mailing these to her, but honestly I would rather drive 80 minutes than go into a post office right now.

Plus I figured this would be a good way to brighten her day and a fun keepsake to have.

So here is a video of us surprising her! Watch Below!

Watch us Surprise My Mom
with our Mail-a-Hug Gift !
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  1. What a sweet and fun idea! I know my daughter would love this. I’m going to show it to her today so we can send them to her grandparents!

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