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7 Must-Haves to Survive Quarantine

I have rounded up a few items that seem to make all this time spent at home just a little bit better. Here are 7 must-haves that you need to survive quarantine.
Best part, they’re all on Amazon!


If you aren’t changing from daytime jammies to nighttime jammies you aren’t doing this quarantine gig right. I kid, but for real, what an opportunity to literally wearing pajamas all day!

Here are some of my favorites off of Amazon right now.

If you are looking for something a little more cozy + cotton, give these a try!


Over the last several years, mostly after baby number three, I have found that wearing house slippers are a daily must for me.
My feet are almost always cold and they hurt walking on the bare ground. [Yay for getting old! – said no one anywhere.]
Wearing the slippers or house shoes really helps with both of those.

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Activities for Kids

As a mom of three, activities for the kids have been absolutely crucial to not only survival this quarantine but also being able to actually enjoy this time together.

Here are some of our favorites.

Check out my Pinterest for
more kids activities !

Comfy Clothes

Comfy cloths are pretty much a given for this time at home right now!

Gimme all that tie-dye

If you are not a fan of this comeback trend,
give these other comfy + casual lounge looks a wear.

Self Care Essentials

I’m not sure about you, but I find that my personal care is always the first to go to the back burner. Having these little self care perks available to me in the house, helps make sure that I am taking care of me. That gives me a fighting chance of being able to take awesome care of those tiny little humans!

Need more self care essentials?

Browse these + see what you like.


What a perfect opportunity this is to finally be able to read all those books you said you would read if you just had the time!
I know that some of us haven’t acquired MORE time, but most of us have had a major shift in our use of time. So, now is the time that you can probably stay up a little later and read that extra page or two.

These books are sure to keep the boredom at bay!

Work Out Gear

Besides having a spiffy pair of cozy pants to lounge around in, having the right in-home work out gear is probably the most vital item for sanity in this quarantine.

Check out these must-haves for working out.
Which one are you?

For the Yogi
For the Runner
For the Gym Lover

There you have you have it…
7 Must-Haves to Survive Quarantine.

What must-have do YOU need?

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