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12 Fall Fashion Trends I am Buying on Amazon Right Now!

So it has been a H O T minute since I have made a blog post on here.
After spending the last few week of summer focusing on the family, I am so happy to be back at this computer blogging for you all!

Today I have put together some of this year’s hottest fall fashion trends that you can get on Amazon right now.

Most of these fall looks are on PRIME, so you can get to stylin’ in just two days!

Hope you enjoy these fall fashion favs of mine!

1. All Things Animal Print

Because this animal print trend is so hot right now, I will break it down into sub categories for you!

Leopard Print

From sweaters to shoes, from hair-ties to basically any + everything. If it’s leopard print, it’s a must-have this year!

Check out this post on HOW to STYLE a LEOPARD PRINT TEE for some outfit inspo!

Snake Print

Snake print is definitely making its way up there in popularity and will be big in this year’s fall fashion looks and got-to-have styles.

Other Prints

Zebra, Dalmatian, Mock-Croc -the names of these prints vary, but they are all just as hot!

2. Big Comfy Sweaters

Big comfy sweater are the epitome of fall’s cool weather finally making it’s grand entrance.
Solids are always staples but stripes and color blocks are totally trending this year and also filling up my Amazon shopping cart.

My favorite way to style these it by tucking them into
a flowing skirt or a pair of jeans!

4. Pleated Skirts

Probably one of my all time favorite fashion looks -the pleated skirt. It is just such a feminine look that can be dressed way up or low-key by added a pair of comfy sneakers and a basic tee.

Here are the ones I am totally putting into my Amazon cart !

5. Silk Scarfs

Such a fun way to add some flashy flare your hair, purse, suitcase or pair of jeans!

You can also use these at night when washing your face to keep the hair out of your face.

3. Biker Shorts

As a road biker, [well, former in this season of life, ha!] this trend seems a little odd to me. Buuut, they are actually pretty comfy, and are perfect for when its still a little too warm out for leggings.

So, I am here to say, I am actually a fan of this bike short fashion trend!

6. Loose Jeans

Whoever brought back mom jeans and loose fit pants should get a noble prize. Because my [newly loved] muffin top is a big fan of this look and the comfort it provides!
The other style that is trending in my amazon cart are the bell bottoms and flare jeans. These are seriously one of my favorite styles of pants. I am so glad they are making a way back into the hot fashion spotlight.

Do you love this trend too??
Let me know on this INSTAGRAM LOOK, if you are all for the mom jeans
if you are ready for this look to fade away again!

7. Hats Hats and More Hats

I think one of my favorite things about fall is it being socially acceptable to wear a suede hat for an entire social event.

Here are some of the ones I am totally getting on Amazon right now!

8. Mules + Booties

Booties totally make me think of all things fall. I love pairing them with jeans, skirts and even a good pair of shorts, for that summer to fall transition look.

The other [and fairly new] trend that I absolutely love right now are the mules, [or loafers] for women. They are so classy yet down to earth. I so love them!

I also LOOOVE shoes, I could add about a gazillion , but I just stuck with the basics here!

Need them all!

9. Retro Prints

Graphic tees, especially ones with retro images will always have a special place in my hippie heart.
I love that this low-key look is trending and that you can still totally dress it up.
Pair it will a midi skirt and some heels and BAM, you have an outfit that is ready for a night out on the town!

Which one is your favorite ?

10. Rock-Star Leather

Gimme all the leather . For real, leggings, skirts, pants, jackets. What is fall fashion without some fun leather anyways??

I am totally getting a skirt this year for my closet!

11. Fancy Tops

With high necks, bow-ties and all lace + puffy sleeves, fancy shirts are huge hit this season, that you definitely need in your cart today!

12. Hot Accessories

I really truly did not think that the scrunchy trend, let alone the fanny-belt would stick around. Yet, here we are. Ha!
The fanny belt is great for concerts, or those fall festivals that are going to be so much fun in the upcoming weeks.
Then the leopard belt can be added to just about anything to fancy it up a bit !

I have found that the scrunchies are a lot more gentle on my hair
than the normal elastic hair ties.

BONUS Trend!

Totally don’t forget to add this to you shopping cart!

13. The Cape

The cape / coat it such a classy fashion staple to have in your closet that is also a hot fall fashion trend this year!

…because we all know who the real heroes are…

So, there you have it!
12 Fall Fashion Trends
that I am Buying on Amazon
Right Now!

Success! You're on the list.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite trend is and which one you could totally do without!

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  1. Entire post is amazing! All the fashion trends are super cute and is able to be repurposed. I love maximizing looks. The snake print bag is a statement piece 😃🙌🏾. I’m a fanny pack lover and was glad to see this on the post.

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