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Fall Festival Birthday Party

What better way to have a joint party than with a
Fall Festival Birthday Party?!

Last year after having having baby number three right in between our oldest and second kiddo’s birthday, we decided to have a joint birthday party for them.

Since we enjoy going to fall festivals, we thought this would be a great way to celebrate a nine + two year old- together!


At every fall festival there is some sort of game to play. These were super easy for the little ones to play, yet not too young for the older kids to enjoy as well.

Ping-Pong Water Gun Target Shoot

I loved this little game. You took a water gun and tried knock the ping-pong balls off of the water bottles.

I love how they turned out !

To make these, I took emptied water bottles, tapped off the bottles and spray-painted them gold, orange and brown. I filled the bottles with popcorn kernels so they wouldn’t blow away or get knocked down when a kid was trying to get the ping pong ball off.

I made the signs from this SCRAPBOOK PAPER from WalMart and then just pasted a smaller sheet of white paper on top of that!

This was a fun way for kids to practice their aim.

Tin Can Toss

Such a classic game for all to play!

I was going to paint these canned goods or cover them, like what was done to these TIN CANS but I loved the aesthetic it created with them just being plain silver.


They could use a nerf gun or a little ball to try and knock the cans down.

Fish Bowl Toss

Another classic fall festival game that every kid can enjoy!

I dropped the ball on getting fishies for this little game and I highly recommend NOT using goldfish crackers. HA!

These RUBBER FISHIES would be perfect for the fish in the bowls. The “bowls” are just plastic cups I got from the dollar store.


Apple + Ring Toss

Toss an apple, earn some points!

All of these bins + baskets are just from the dollar store!

For this little game, I used glow bracelets for the rings because I had some extras laying around!

Is There Going to be Food?

That is ALWAYS my first question when I am invited somewhere. It can be an adult or kid event, I need to know if I am going to be able to snack or not!

For me, I think food can either make or break a party, which again, I like food, so I pay attention to that !

Snacks + Treats

This might have been my favorite food spread from our kiddo’s birthday parties!

Rice Krispy Hay Bales

I LOVE how these turned out.

I just followed the typical RICE KRISPY TREATS recipe and loaded em’ up into one of the boys tractor toys!


Pumpkin Patch Brownies

These were super fun to make and eat. Even the kids could help make these brownies.

We used this PUMPKIN PATCH BROWNIE recipe.

This was a fun one, because the kids got to help. Even the toddler did his part by smashing the Oreos. And our oldest was able to help ice the brownies.


Pop-Corn on the Cob bags

Something about putting popcorn in a bag that makes it all that more appetizing.

We used green tissue paper to wrap the baggies full of popcorn.

Apple Cupcakes

These are super fun. We used a pretzel stick for the stem and a green gummie for the leaf!

These APPLE CUPCAKES were super easy to make !

Caramel Apple Bar

This was one of my favorite snacks! You could dip the apple slices into caramel or fudge and then top it with almonds, reeses, andso much more, even mini marshmallows!
I just used Kabob skewers for the sticks.


Of course we needed to have some real food for our fall festival birthday party.
We had mini fruit + veggie trays, then a little chili bar.

Chili Bar

It was super yummy!

I made the chili in a crock pot so it could stay warm throughout the whole party and served it with avocado, cheese, Frito’s and saltines.
[Some oyster crackers would have been clutch for this.]


Iced Apple Cider

Since we live in the south hot apple cider in the middle of the day is only a dream until late October, so instead we went with Iced-Apple Cider!

I literally just pour the cider over ice !



The activities were again catered to all age groups.


Pick + Decorate your Own Pumpkin

The kids [and adults] picked out a pumpkin and then got to paint and decorate it.

The kiddos could choose between white or orange pumpkins and after decorating it, they got to take home their creations!

The kids got to paint and paint and paint some more.
These CRAYOLA WASHABLE PAINTS made the clean up super easy!

Dash + Splash Bounce House

Again, since its like a gazillion degrees here in the south until much later in the year, we also had a water slide for the kids to enjoy.



So there is our
Fall Festival Birthday Party!

Let me know what your favorite part was!

Do you have other joint birthday party ideas?
Let me know about it in the comments below!

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  1. This is so adorable! I thought I was going to get a fall baby but my little decided she wanted to be super late 😂

    • Haha. Well, we actually doing have a fall baby! Its May, June and Aug. But since I had just had the third babe, we did the 2 kids party together in Sept! It was fun to do fall stuff for their bday!

  2. This is the cutest party idea. The games and food were completely on point with a fall festival! It makes me wish I didn’t have two summer babies! I totally get the heat in the south bit since I’m down here too.

  3. This looks like it was so much fun!!! (Also a lot of work!!) But seriously, you thought of everything, and I bet the kids had a blast!

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