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Harry Potter themed Nailed It! Party

This year for our daughter’s 10th birthday she wanted a ” Nailed It! “ themed party. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, we thought it would be super fun incorporate that into the Nailed It! party.

We decided on this Nailed It! party theme back in January of this year. At that point I had all of these great ideas how we would do this type of party and how it would look.
Theeeen I started this blog and to be honest it has consumed my life in the best way possible. Therefore my procrastination on the party planning went into full force. [Which to be fair, I do my best work under pressure so I wasn’t that concerned but then soon realized that this party wasn’t going to be anywhere near as Pinterest worthy as I had envisioned.]
So at that point, I decided I wouldn’t even bother making a post about it.

After the party, I realized that the whole reason I started this blog was to share how I live in our sweet life while doing it style and love of all things pretty.
Throwing parties is one of those life things that I truly love to do. I quickly acknowledged the fact that just because something isn’t “the best” doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t share it.
So hopefully by sharing this mediocre [*insert smirk here*] party, it will help spark some ideas for someone else!

So here is our
Harry Potter themed Nailed It!
Birthday Party!

The main focus of the party was the baking competition but I did have a few Harry Potter snacks for the girls to fill up on before the massive sugar rush kicked in!

Wizardly Snack Time

This quidditch pong game was for the girls to play while waiting for others to arrive or for when a group finished before another. I made this in literally 5 minutes but here is a link to an adorable DIY Quidditch Pong Game!

As you may know, ‘Nailed It!’ is a baking show on Netflix where home bakers with a terrible track record take a crack at re-creating edible masterpieces for a $10,000 prize. It’s part reality contest, part hot mess.
Here is a clip to give you an idea of what the girls did!

Super funny to watch!

Since we had twelve girls attending the party, I decided to pre-bake the food the morning of the party to save some time.

These are some super Harry Potter cute cookie cut-outs!

Ready To Party

I had the girls split into four groups of three by placing their name into the “sorting hat” and had our daughter pick out a name for each of the four houses in Harry Potter.

I set up the party just like the show. Where they had two rounds of making two separate creations.

This cake pop was the challenge for the first round.

Round One

Each one of the four groups got their own set of supplies.

You can get this color mist spray and plastic bowls HERE!

My plan was to make each one of the challenges…buttt I am a mom of three with a full life soo that didn’t happen.
Instead I put the image on the TV for the girls to look at. #momwin

I set a timer for forty-five minutes and they basically were off to do their own thing!

Once the timer dinged, the girls displayed their challenge.
We didn’t have a fancy cart to wheel it out on, or even a cover, so I had the groups turn around while each team got their baking challenge together.

On the count of three the other girls turned around and yelled “NAILED IT!”

Some of the girl’s cake-pops were super impressive and actually stood up like they were intended to.

Some were super proud of their work and others crumbled right in their hands.
While others just wanted to eat theirs!

Round Two

For round two we didn’t have an actual panic button, but they were each allowed to ask me one time for any kind of help.

In this round, they each had to decorate one owl cupcake and one Harry potter cookie.

Let the decorating begin!

I think they all really enjoyed being able to use these fun baking tools!

Just like round one, we had the girls turn around who weren’t “presenting” and when we counted to three, they all turned and yelled “NAILED IT !”.

I got these trays and plastic bowls are out local dollar store but I linked some similar ones at the bottom of this post!


Here are some of their awesome creations!

It really was such a fun party and I think the birthday girl would agree!

These items are super helpful when planning a birthday party!

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  1. I am so obsessed with harry potter, and I have been trying to think of ideas for my son’s first birthday. I definitely think this is what I will be going for now!

  2. I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan but this is awesome! I love when people put a lot of effort into a theme especially for their little ones.

  3. How cute!! This looks like it was a super fun time and not too hard to do myself. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. This is such a cool party! I am obsessed with Harry Potter – I’m definitely saving this for some adult party ideas, haha!

  5. This is so fun! My best friends daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter and baking. I showed her your blog and we are already planning to do it for her next birthday.

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