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An Ode to the Great Dads

Sometimes I feel like Father’s Day gets shuffled into being another gift-giving holiday
rather than focusing on how stellar + great dads are.
Whereas on Mother’s Day, it feels like the focus is fully on how wonderful we mothers are.
[well, because- we are.]

I just don’t feel like we give the great dads out there the same appreciation as the mothers.
Trust me, I know “they” as the collective man, already get all the kudos on almost everything else, but I do feel that the great dads out there sometimes get the short stick.

This Father’s Day weekend, I thought I would create an ode to ALL the great dads out there.
The ones who truly step up to the parenting game.

To the great dads…

To the great dads, who aren’t afraid to wipe the booties, get those boogies, and be the recipient of unending spit-up attacks.

To the ones, that not only learn how to put up a ponytail, but also make it look amazing.

To the dads, who wake up day after day and go to work to provide for their families. And do so without ever complaining. Even if that means working on Father’s Day.

The ones, who wake up early on their only day off so they can spend a little more time with their kiddos
[with the added perk of letting Mama sleep in.]

The dads, who take out the trash, load the dishwasher, and fold the clothes- without asking, because they know it helps the family as a whole run more smoothly.

Those, who know exactly when Mama needs a break will tap right in to play solo zone defense.

To the great dads, who let their boys be “girlie” and their daughters be “boy-ie”. That kind of nurturing builds their spirit and doesn’t go unnoticed.

The fathers, who actually play with their kids. I know it can be exhausting to always be the “fun one” but you do it every time with zero apprehension. Whenever there is a need for a creative mind or a tickle monster you show up, there are no “maybe later’s” or “in a minute”. You, just do it, right then and there.
There is a reason they are so excited to see you when you come home.

To the ones that let the tears roll down their faces. That kind of vulnerability is an amazing strength and gives our kids, especially the boys, the space to do the same.

To the great dads who step up and play both mom and dad roles.
YOU are truly amazing and the world would be lost without you.

The dads that didn’t have a great dad but chose to be amazing dads.

The dads that teach all the life lessons. You are preparing our little people for greatness and that is priceless.

To all the great dads everywhere, THANK YOU.

Thank you for being the kind of dad that we all needed.
Thank you for always being a safe place to run and get a hug, no matter what.
Thank you for always being the best version of yourself for someone else.

Thank you.

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  1. As a wife to an amazing dad, I love everything about this post! Thank you for writing this ode, and commemorating some of those unrecognized tasks that those unsung dad heroes always do 😊

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