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I had typed up a gift guide for this upcoming Mother’s Day that was filled with items not only needed right now but would also be greatly appreciated for this time in quarantine. BUT– because I always have a second thought- ha! I decided to switch gears and share what moms really want this mother’s day.

A gift card to a hair salon was included on that first list – check out those roots!

What Moms Really Want this Mother’s Day

What does a mom REALLY want for mother’s day anyways? I know pleasing a mom, let alone any female seems to always be a mystery and filled with sneaky clauses to their requests, so I figured I would help shed some light on what moms really want for this mother’s day!

We want a day, where when we speak we are heard. Whether it’s a child or grown adult, when sounds come out of our mouth, we want them to be acknowledged. Here’s the kicker – we want it to happen the FIRST. time.
Not the third, or 4th, or after the rage-induced yelling.
Like, the first time we speak.
If it’s followed up with a yes ma’ma, that’s a total plus.

We want to be served meals. That’s right, plural. All three. Not just one meal that we have to clean up after or strongly hint at the importance of the clean up process. The tricky part with this one is that we don’t want to be asked a single question… Notta “where’s this, where’s that, what should we have.” That is apart of the whole meal process and honestly the part that eventually drains a person [aka- typically the mama] day in and day out three times a day. We just want the food to appear for not only us but the whole family, and then it be cleaned up as if no one was even in the kitchen. like magic *poof* – feed + cleaned.

We want diapers to be changed before the full diaper swag happens- or before we even ask if it’s been done. Baths + showers to be had and hair + teeth brushed without asking.

We want to sleep in and take a nap whenever we want on this Mother’s Day. Without the false sense of guilt for indulging in the moment or that small irrational fear of the children not surviving without us. [I’m saying- watch the kids for us while attempt to get caught up on the years of sleeps that we have lost while keeping these tiny or even big people alive.] And when we wake up- tell us we look beautiful, even if we very clearly- don’t.

We want things to be picked up + put away after their use before we trip on said item so hard sending up into a half somersault/half fall, making us seriously question our decision to have offspring.

We want things to be found without having to give a very detailed description of where this mysterious item is “hidden”.
When it is clearly in plain sight.
[We believe in you guys on this one, we promise, we really do.]

We want siblings to just get along. For the love of all things holy- just.get.along. And do so without some unrealistic consequence being threaten, that we both know won’t ever happen.

We want to watch an adult movie at 2 in the afternoon – just because.

Look– I get it.
We know we “complain” and “whine” all. the. time.
And most of us, have it fairly good. But when you are a mom, a vacation day or sleep in day or a holiday doesn’t really truly exist. And if it does, it’s definitely not for the whole day.

Inevitably you are always still worrying and thinking and planning for these tiny humans that you have created. Yea, I get it, I like made them and all, but I- WE need a break.

A really, really good break, so that I can continue to embrace, love + care for these children.

It may sound like we are asking for alot.
It may even sound greedy or as if these things, never happen.
But I think most of us never get all of these in one day, let alone one thing for the whole day.

Mommin IS hard, especially right now.
And for this Mother’s Day, we don’t want gifts or the things.

What we want, is a break.

I know this sounds a little over the top, but that is what makes it a gift.

And hey, if you can’t make any of these things happen, just buy us a cute coffee mug.
You know how much we love a good mug.

If you really aren’t a doing-type of human, and
just want to give a gift, here are some fun ones to give .

Need more ideas?

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  1. “We want a day, where when we speak we are heard. Whether it’s a child or grown adult, when sounds come out of our mouth, we want them to be acknowledged.” A. MEN. Mine are 5, 3, (and 31 lol) and it’s like I’m speaking a foreign language.

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