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How to Make a Home Manicure Last!

Since most of us are still anxiously waiting for the salons to open back up I thought I would share how I make my at- home manicures last!

I have almost always preferred doing my nails myself. Don’t get me wrong- I fully enjoy the relaxation that comes along with getting a nice mani + pedi, but in reality, I’m a little OCD when it comes to the shape, size and all that jazz of my nails, so I actually enjoy doing my nails at home.

That being the case, here are a few tips that I found to help really make your manicure last!

5 tips to make a home manicure last!

1. Prep your Nails

Prepping your nails will make a big difference in the longevity of any manicure. You can simply just wash you hands and then wipe some acetone nail polish remover across your nails or you can go full manicure style and trim the cuticles, file + buff the nails, use cuticle oil and then wash + apply the acetone across each nail.

Here are some items that I use for this!
Nail File | Cuticle Trimmer | Cuticle Remover | Nail Buffer |Nail Polish Remover| Cuticle Oil

2. Use the Right Products

Using a base coat has been a game changer for making my manicures last. Using the right brand of polish will also make a big difference in how long the polish will stay on.
OPI + ESSIE always seem to be some of the best polish’s out there!

Give these a try!
Base Coat | OPI Polish | ESSIE Polish

3. Use Two Coats

Seems simple, but it works! Applying two coats seems to be the perfect amount of layers. One coat will chip instantly and three or more will NEVER dry!

4. Apply a Top Coat

If you can only do one of these- do this one! This little tip can add an extra day alone, to your manicure! Also don’t forget to swipe the top coat polish across the tip of your nails in a vertical direction, this is a definite way to boost the length of a manicure!

This is my fav top coat to use!
Top Coat

5. Let Them Dry Completely

This is THE absolute hardest step to accomplish [well for me anyways…] BUT it will make for a long lasting manicure. The best way for me to do this is to time doing my nails right. This means, doing my manicure at a time that I won’t need my hands for anything…i.e. getting dressed, picking up a kid, doing my hair or make-up, cooking, etc. You get the picture.

Try this to help with the dry time!
Nail Dryer

Pro Tip: go to the bathroom BEFORE you start!

There you go, 5 tips on how to make a home manicure last!

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  1. These are great tips for making your manicure last. My biggest problem is letting them dry…I’m so impatient!

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