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Why I’m Getting Fit this Year Instead of Losing Weight; Mentally Fit That is…

I have always been a tiny person.

I’m the girl that eats + eats and doesn’t gain a thing but a gassy tummy and a smile on her face. Yes indeed, I am the friend you love to hate.

Well, until recently that is…

Now when I eat a pan of brownies, it sticks. I see the lumpy lumps on my lovely lady lump literally the next day and it doesn’t go away.

I’m not sure if its age, being a mom of three, or finally being tied down to that man of mine, but I have never been so proud to flaunt my flabby arm while waving goodbye, or rub my cheese-filled-bloated-belly as if I’m due with our 4th at any moment. This is the MOST comfortable I have ever been in my own skin.

But as much as I am comfortable in this skin of mine I realize that I am also picking up + keeping some pretty unhealthy physical + mental habits. [like stuffing face at night + blaming the kids for acting like…well, kids]

SO as much as I need to work out because, as mentioned, I am a little more squishy than I would like to be, I realize that I need to most importantly be mentally and spiritually fit.

If I am to survive these dog days of motherhood; the days where the preteen is extra moody, the 4 year old is extra needy and the 2 year old is extra toddler-y.
Ya know, the days where we all need to just cry and start over.
Then I have to be spiritually + mentally fit.

Fitness: more than just going to the gym

Fitness is defined as the condition of being physically fit and healthy and involves attributes that include, but are not limited to mental acuity, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility.”

Retrieved from Sharecare.com

Don’t get me wrong I love working out (yea, yea I’m also that weirdo) and I truly believe that my body was made for sweating and burning that food fuel, but right now with so many other factors in my life, a physical exercise routine based around counting calories and getting toned af just aren’t an option.

What is a priority, is being a safe, sound and stable mom + wife in my day to day life.

Yessss, I’ll be the first to admit + advocate that rigorous exercise is a means to that end but what I am discovering is that I can obtain that “run-the-crazy-off high” by partaking in other activities that allow me to still do all the other “stuff” that I have to do to be happy + productive.

How I am Staying Mentally Fit

For right now, this season, these are the things that I am doing, to stay mentally fit.

  • Light exercise
    • Walking the dog daily for 20 minutes
  • Deep Breathing
    • Meditating has been great practice for this.
  • Taking Care of My body
    • Showering everyday
    • Eating the right foods for me + allowing myself to indulge when needed…as needed.
    • Going to bed before 10 p.m.
  • Stretching
    • Yoga + legit “old people” stretching
  • Journaling
    • Literally pen to paper, getting all that mental dialogue OUT
  • Getting Outside Help
    • Therapy.
    • Therapy.
    • and more Therapy.
    • Just kidding. Seriously though, therapy is basically just a generic term for healing.

These things are not only going to make me happier than “losing weight” but they will also allow that immense gratitude I have for my life, to have the mental space it deserves.

|at home


Meditation reminds me to breath.
Because honestly, sometimes I just forget. And little news flash, you kinda need air to live! Meditating slows my brain down and gives me the moment back, and so I can truly live in the now.
I have been using this app for over a week now and it’s by far been the best.

The Calm App

The best meditation app. The calm app.

Calm App
$14.99/Month, The App Store


For me, journaling takes that surface layer of irrational + jumbled up thinking off and gives me a clear head.
Therefore, I can better stay mentally fit for that day.
It’s kind of bougie but having a great pen and journaling book makes me 100X more likely to journal consistently.

Journal + Pen

Self Care Journal
$12.00, Target

Soft Touch Pen
$6.99, Target

Comfortable Sleep Wear

Having comfortable pajamas totally encourages proper sleep hygiene. Nothing motivates me more to get into bed early than to have a new pair of jamjams.
And I think we all know the importance of sleep!

H&M Dark Gray Pajamas

Dark Gray Pajamas
$34.99, H&M

Good Shoes

Apparently after years of wearing heels and what not, my feet seem to actually crave comfort now. For me, wearing a good looking pair of sneakers will truly motivate me to quickly change out of a cute, yet poorly made shoe and into some support while going on that dog walk.

Adidas RetroRun Sneakers

RetroRun Sneakers
$59.99, DSW

Massage Tools

There are parts of my back + neck that hold stress, that I just can’t reach. Since getting a massage daily isn’t practical at all, having the right tools can give you a great deal of relief! There are tons of massage tools, like the Theragun to invest in, but this massage cane is amazing.
My husband and I will sometimes even fight over who gets it next!

Trigger Point AccCurve Massage Cane

Trigger Point Massage Cane
$19.99, Academy Sports

Yoga & Streching

Whether you are a yogi guru or new to the practice, a yoga mat is crucial for any floor work, even if it’s just stretching. And since yoga + stretching are so crucial for letting go of stress + built up energies (especially in all those odd places), having a yoga mat is key for this part of staying mentally fit.

LuLuLemon Reversible Mat 5mm

The Reversible Mat 5mm
$78, LuLuLemon

|outside the home

My experience is that I can deep breath for days + days, as best as I can but for me to stay consistently Mentally fit, I have to have outside help.

There ain’t no shame in this mama’s game.
I am here for that CBT PAR-TAY!
(If you know, you know)

If going to talk therapy and a stretch therapist, and posting in a Facebook group; means that I have more space for myself and then ultimately more for my kids, my husband and friends + family,
then yes take my money and make me better.

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Here is a list of resources I utilize to stay Mentally Fit outside the home

  • A Chiropractor
  • Massage + Stretch Therapist
  • Talk Therapist
  • A support group of like minded people.

Why I Stay Mentally Fit.

I have children who need me.
I need me.
I know that I can’t give, if I have nothing to give.
The best way I know how to do that, is to make sure that I am staying mentally fit. The rest will fall into place.

Now more than ever I need to have a clear head on my shoulders.
As, honestly, we all do right now.

I also know that if I don’t make the time to stay mentally fit, my mind + body will make the time for me.

It doesn’t take much, just a little willingness to be kind and good to yourself. To acknowledge that you deserve that same love and attention that you so willingly + freely give to your kids, husband and friends + family.

You’ve got this mama!

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  1. How? All of the above and staying connected with friends like you; positive, affirming, patient and kind.
    Why? As a 3 part person – body, mind and spirit, these things cover all the bases.

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