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Teething; How to Take The Bite Out of It. Tips, Tricks + Products to Get Relief.

After having three kiddos, we have a little bit of experience with the oh-so-amazing teething years. As our youngest is getting his second round of teeth in I thought I would share some of our favorite tips, tricks + products that get us through teething!


  1. Have compassion. Sounds simple, right? But honestly when a teething babe is crying more than normal and not sleeping it’s kind of hard in the midst of it all to feel that all encompassing sympathy + empathy for them. Especially when you are not sleeping yourself which can lead to a more irritable, crabby version of yourself! But I do promise that if you can have a little more sympathy that they are experiencing pain on an epic scale you will be able to handle that extra fussy + extra sleepy babe much better with compassion in your heart.
  2. Nurse, nurse, and nurse some more. As annoying as it may be to nurse even more than you already are, nursing as often as you can will really help your baby. Just giving a few extra cuddles through the comfort of breastfeeding can give your babe exactly what they need when they are uncomfortable from teething.
    • If you are bottle-feeding- no worries, just snuggle your baby a little extra longer during + after your feedings!
    • [This tip is more about the comfort of touch vs. the nutrition of milk or formula!]
  3. Baby-wear whenever possible. Similar to the previous tip, baby-wearing gives that extra dose of comfort that can help soothe your babe. Doing this during the day has also shown some evidence of babies not needing to be held at night as much. [FYI, This is not a scientific fact, so don’t be alarmed if your babe doesn’t follow that trend.] Baby-wearing allows you to hold the babe, providing that extra needed comfort while being hands-free . Giving you the opportunity to attempt completing some of that to-do list, eat a real meal, or my favorite- reheating that coffee cup for the fourth time and actually drinking it – carefully, of course!

This is by far, my Favorite Baby Carrier !


  • One trick that I love to use for a teething babe is taking this boon silicone feeder [made for bananas or any other squishy food] and placing frozen blueberries into it. This little feeder is PERFECT for this trick. It allows them to intermittently have that soothing icy cold relief on their gums while also letting them safely + independently chew on something. And of course, the blueberries taste yummy!
  • Another trick I utilize is taking an ice cube tray and filling it with breast milk and placing it in the freezer. Once frozen, I take out a cube at a time and let it thaw for a minute or so then break it up into a little “milkcicle slushie“. This is perfect if your baby is on the younger side of teething and you don’t want to feed them real food just yet. Grab a little spoon and feed away. Do be cautious of the time because it will melt fast!
    • If you formula feed and don’t have access to any breastmilk, you should be able to do this same process with the formula!
  • The last trick that is super helpful is to give babe an uncut [or non-baby-size] carrot to chomp on. [We have also used a thick apple slice.] Use a piece that is both big enough to grasp as well as not to small to be a choking hazard. While supervising, your babe will love to munch down as hard as he/she can on either one of these foods providing a great deal of relief.

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Here are some items
that when our babe is teething,
we seriously can’t live without!

1. Amber Teething Necklace

Aside from looking great with any outfit an amber necklace is perfect for providing teething relief. Great for alleviating pain and managing that excessive drool. Ideal for babies + toddlers and they really are pretty adorable. Even when worn with just a birthday suit.
I do LOVE these necklaces!

Both of our boys have worn an amber necklace with success. We got our first one when our second babe was around 15 months and there was a significant difference in teething symptoms from when he wore the necklace and when he didn’t.
With a super simple yet secure connector it is incredibly easy to put on and it’s durable enough for tiny hands to hold, shake + twist.
They make a great gift for any mom with kiddos under 4!

2. Teething Necklaces For Moms

How many times are you holding a baby and they start to play with your jewelry? For me, at first I will let the babe tinker around with a necklace or bracelet, but soon acknowledge that they may break it and in doing so, could potentially harm themselves on the small pieces.
These necklaces allow you as a mom or caretaker to stay fashionable and also accommodate baby’s need to play, pull + chew on whatever they can get their hands on! It is also better for your pocket book! [No more broken jewelry pieces!]
Teething products like this now come in an array of designs and colors as well as some stylish bracelets

[despite not getting a single image of him utilizing this necklace as a teether, he does love it and if anything its a fun distraction for him!]

Here are some other cute options.

3. Camilia Teething Relief + Babyganics Gel Pods

Being a slightly crunchy mamabear, I do try to avoid Tylenol as much as I can. Although, sometimes you do need a little extra help when trying to soothe a teething babe. Here are some awesome homeopathic options for when your babe gets super duper crabby.

I have found that these Camilia Drops are great for instant relief of that generalized fussiness due to teething discomfort. The leak proof package comes with five plastic vials and each vial contains one dose. For us personally, I have never had to give a babe more than one or two doses in a day, but these drops are safe enough for up to nine per day!

Just twist off the plastic top of the vial and squeeze the contents into your babe’s mouth. Even if you have a wiggle-worm or an upset, frustrated baby these drops are SUPER easy to give!

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The Babyganics Gel Pods are probably my favorite homeopathic teething medicine.
Providing instant relief for painful gums they can calm our babes down in a split second.

To use the gel pods, take one of the q-tips out, open the gel pod, swirl the q-tip around and get it nice + covered with the gel, then apply it to the baby’s gums and/or teeth. Every time I use this the baby [and toddler] absolutely loves it. I think the combination of the firm q-tip and slight numbing effect of the gel really provides some essential relief from the pain. I will let them hold the q-tip for a minute after applying the gel. They always really love that.

Teething really does bite, but it doesn’t have to suck. With these tips, tricks and products you will be able to provide some much needed relief for your babe
and stay a little more sane through the process!

Here are some more items that can help take the bite out of teething!

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  1. Such awesome tips! And your boys are adorable ♥️ My little one is 10 months and he’s showing early signs of teething. No teeth yet though. Definitely going to pick up some of these products to help! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the tips…. my sister in law needs to hear about the Camellia drops!

    • They are seriously awesome! Love them ! Definitely share the post with her ! I wish I would have had half of this info when my oldest was this young!

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