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To My Husband on Our Anniversary

To My Husband on Our Anniversary

Thank you.

Thank you for always loving me; for me
Even when I am hard to love

Especially when I’m hard to love

Thank you for always knowing how to make me laugh, especially when I find nothing funny in that moment.

Thank you for holding me in tight when I need it most.

Thank you for telling me I am awesome, even when I’m very clearly not.

Thank you for supporting me in all of my crazy thoughts + actions and ideas, even when you think they won’t succeed.

Thank you for supporting us in a manner that allows me to pursue those sometimes crazy ideas

Thank you for teaching me how to truly care for someone and to do so without bragging about it.

Thank you for respecting me and giving me the dignity to be my own person, whatever that looks like…
on that given day.

Thank you for being strong when I can’t even think about pulling any more strength from within.

Thank you for sticking by me when my craziest of all crazy side shows.

Thank you for not treating me the same way I sometimes treat you.

Thank you for remembering the smallest of details, especially when I think you aren’t even listening at all.

Thank you for being the dad that you are to our amazing three children.

Thank you for thinking about our future so I don’t have worry.

Thank you for continuing to show me what true love really is.

Thank you for always walking by my side,
hand in hand
forever + always.

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