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PLEASE- Just Go To Sleep

I dont think this meme could be any more accurate…

Our oldest slept through the night at ten weeks. No joke, in her own crib in her own room. And has slept like a champ for almost ten years now. So honestly, I really didn’t get why people “couldn’t get their kids to sleep”.
Like duh, just lay them down, read a story, say “Goodnight, I love you” and wallah; they’re asleep. It’s not that hard.

HA! Weellll those judgy thoughts were heard and I was given ample opportunities to have compassion for those moms and see the real truth that some kids JUST DON’T SLEEPlike ever.

Our second has |ALWAYS| struggled with sleeping through the night, waking up early, and basically all things sleep related. Going to bed has never really been an issue...until last evening where he was up playing and reading books until 10pm.
[Check out the story from that night.]
Looks like I might need to get this book now.

So over the last couple of years we have tried many things. Using a sound machine + night light along with diffusing some lavender oil did help a TON but what we started to struggle with, was the toddler waking up ridiculously early. I’m talking 5:30, 5:45, 6, 6:30 A.M. every.single.day.

So I chatted around, like moms do, and someone mentioned having a clock that tells the kid when to get up. This is the brand that she suggested and it is working wonders!

This Trainer Clock will turn green for whatever time you set it to. Then thirty minutes before that set alarm, it will turn yellow so they can play in there room for a bit.
Basically- if I want my kid to stay in their room until 7:30 am. I will set the clock for 7:30. At 7:00 am. The clock will turn yellow, letting the child know that they can get up and out of bed + play but it isn’t quite time to leave the room and go jump on mommy [or daddy’s] head just yet. Then when it is 7:30, the clock face will turn green, letting the kiddo know that it’s good to go and they can leave the room!

GUYS. This has been amazing!

I think the biggest struggle before the clock was that when I would try and take the toddler back to bed, he would fuss + whine and I would just cave in and begrudgingly say “Ooookay, let’s just start the day!”
Now, that the clock is there, I can say “Uh-Oh, clockie isn’t green yet, we can’t come out yet!” and he just says Okay. versus the whole ‘arch your back, go completely limp + scream like someone is stabbing you’ dealio.

THEN too when the clock does turn green, he gets so excited, which is awesome to witness!

He loves to climb up and sit on the changing table.
Anyone else have a part monkey child??

He really does get super excited when it turns green!

The eyes close and a moon comes up when it is bedtime [which you can designate a set time for]. It can play music on a timer and has a variety of colors for a timed night light as well.

The other thing that has been a huge sleep aid is what we call “Ellie the Elephant” . She is a giant stuffed elephant that our toddler first got when he was around six months old. He has absolutely loved it ever since. Recently, our littlest started to lay on + cuddle up with big brother’s. So we ended up getting one for him as well.

Our toddler, Jude loves to cuddle + sleep with Ellie. It is his “security pillow.”
He is such sweet little kid, that it is perfect for him to get all of his snuggles out and big enough that he feels like he is being hugged back!
It’s also great for traveling because it doubles as his pillow and lovie, so that is one less thing I have to pack!

“Ellie” is also great as a cozy reading buddy pillow.

They both love the softness of the elephant!

Even James has been loving sleeping with “Ellie”
We do not support putting anything in a baby’s crib.
This is just what works for our babe !

James totally uses him as a pillow now and it is perfect for him since he struggles with slight acid reflex issues.

And a few more pics because these two are just too cute…

Here are some of the things that have really helped us with getting into a routine and sleeping through the night. Well… sleeping better.

I haven’t read it yet, but I have heard this book is HILARIOUSLY relate-able!

You can get the book for free on audible and listen where-ever you have you’re phone!

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