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The Softest Crib Sheet. Ever

Not sure about you guys, but we seem to go through sheets + bedding almost daily. Between kids getting sick and potty accidents to everyday wear + tear to even last night a water bottle resting against the sheet, making a giant wet spot and needing to be changed. We seem to be changing the sheets at least every other day, so having a few extra around, especially crib sheets has been super helpful!

I found these amazing Posh Peanut crib sheets on Amazon the other day! It is by far the softest crib sheet I have ever purchased for any of the babes.

Since I ordered it through amazon, it came in that super quick 2-day shipping!

Packaged in this little bag, it’s not only super cute but it also can be re-purposed in many ways. You could use it as a little snack bag or as a storage bag for all those loose Legos always floating around.

About the Company

Posh Peanut is a children’s boutique that began in 2011. Here is a little more about their store!

What is it Made of?

Only the softest fabric EVER! Ha, just kidding but for real. It is so soft! Most of the Posh Peanut products are made from their buttery soft signature Viscose from Bamboo, and it is amazing !

Care Instructions

It is suggested to wash this super soft fabric on cold/gentle cycle, inside out. Laying flat to dry will be optimal for the longevity of the fabric.

If you have the time for it, laying flat to dry really does help keep the fabric new. Some moms prefer to line dry for optimal texture, lasting color, and to last through the life span of the item.

I don’t always have time for this, so I just toss mine in the dryer on a cool setting and be sure not to dry or wash with other items that include zippers or anything that could cause snagging.

What I Love About it

As you can probably guess, what I love most about this crib sheet is how incredibly soft it is. The dinosaur pattern is so cute, but I really love how soft the fabric is against my baby’s gentle skin. I kind of wish that they made a king size version of the sheet !

Shop Other Items

Posh Peanut sells more than just crib sheets! The sheets do come in some super cute floral patterns and a few other “girlie” looks [+ this awesome dinosaur print] BUT there are so many other options for clothes, accessories and more!

Shop For mama

Shop More nursery items

Browse Posh Peanut Crib Sheets now!

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