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What to Really Put on Your Baby Registry

The fun yet overwhelming task of making a baby registry for the first time or getting newer items for the second, third…or even fourth time can be quite daunting. With a plethora of new + improved baby items coming out every day, here is an extensive & detailed list of what I have found was helpful to survive the awesome new beginnings [or restart] of infancy in motherhood. It is a sort of lengthy list but this is literally everything I found to be really useful!

Since this list is bit long, I made it into bullet point form + added a little snipet of why we liked this item!

Click an item name to see the full image or go to the SHOP menu tab and browse all of the items listed in this blog there! I also included some of our own images of these awesome must-haves.

In the Nursery

on the baby registry

Baby Monitor -Some of the perks that I LOVE from this monitor is that it’s range [up to 700 ft.] works every single time. Our experienced is that the monitors claiming to reach up to 1000 ft. inevitably don’t work when we needed that function the most. Two other great features are the capability of panning the whole room with the monitor arrow keys, as well as it’s two-way communication that is perfect for those sleep training nights. I personally love that this monitor is|not|a touchscreen. We also found that we never used the WI-FI option on the previous monitors, so the absence of that feature wasn’t a deal-breaker for us.
Baby Monitor Mount– Since our two boys share a room, this mount was the perfect solution for being able to see the entire room with just one baby monitor. It provided the ideal location to put the monitor so we could see both the baby’s crib + the toddler’s bunk bed at the same time.
Diaper Pail – What I like most about this diaper pail is their bag system. It is different, but I think it is much more functional than the standard bags. I actually purchased this one here but I do wish I would have gotten the one with the step opening system.
Diaper Pail Bags – These bags are different because they are individual bags instead of one super long bag. They don’t necessarily hold more diapers, but for us, we changed it more often so we didn’t have that “CVS receipt length” bag full of poop diapers.
Sound Machine– In desperate need of sleep solutions, I found this perfect sound machine. It has several different musical options along with a timer capability if desired. Our favorite feature on this has to be the three different images that rotate on the ceiling. It gives the kids something to look forward to at bedtime + it doubles as a night light. A solid #winwin.
Diffuser – This little gem helps serve as another night light & diffuses some much needed lavender oil [natural sleep aid] throughout the night.

Out + About

on the baby registry

Diaper Bag – This|less than|$30 diaper bag is by far the best I have used. [Even beats that $200 shiny-boxy style diaper bag] It comes with plenty of pocket space & even a zipper in the back for “bottom of the bag” access with ease. It may look small but it is spacious enough to carry items for a newborn + a toddler, yet not too big that it becomes a catch all for every “fast car” you own, dirty clothes or those eight extra onsies that you “might just need one day”
BoB Double Stroller – This stroller is WELL worth the money. I purchased this specific brand because I needed a good jogging stroller but you don’t have to be an avid runner to enjoy this stroller’s agility + flexibly that makes going on ANY terrain a breeze.
Infant Head Support– One thing that keeps PPD at bay for me is going out + about when our babies are still little. This awesome product allows for that to happen stressfree & keeps the babe’s head upright when in the carseat or even a stroller [when a bit older].
Tula Baby Carrier This contraption is hands down the best invention EVER. It allows for you to be hands free while holding your babe comfortably on the front of you or {once they get older} on your back. My favorite thing about this carrier is that you can nurse in it!
Tula Insert– This product is so awesome because you can babywear a newborn [7lbs+] in the Tula safely. Personally, I didn’t use this for super long [mostly because I have giant babies] but being able to wear it the many times that I did, was well worth the $$.
K’ Tan Baby Carrier – Similar to the Tula, this baby carrier allows for you to go hands free. I liked the mesh-like material of this carrier. It was ideal for our late spring/summer babies. The other great thing about this is you can store it nice + neatly inside of a diaper bag or in your car without losing a lot of space.
Portable Sound Machine– Excellent for bringing on the go + attaching to the car seat or stroller. We also used this in our room while the newborn slept with us & kept the bigger sound machine in the room with the toddler.
Stroller Caddy For this coffee-loving momma this was a crucial purchase. To have a place for my coffee, phone, keys, snacks & other little odds + ends was perfect.
Clip-on Fan – With our summer + late spring babies, this fan is a total must-have. You can clip it onto pretty much anything & it can be twisted to that perfect angle for an ideal breeze for your babe.

Baby Care

on the baby registry

Best Bath Tub ever – This tub is hands down the best. With it’s sleek look it provides the best positions for baby at any age. It also has a great draining system for quick emptying.
Shampoo – I so love this Baby Bum shampoo. It smells like heaven without all the harsh chemicals + leaves your baby’s skin feeling amazing.
Baby Hair Brush– When our second babe had really bad cradle cap I purchased this brush. I found that this one works 100 times better than the typical “baby brush”.
Pampers Pure Diapers – These are a great option for natural organic diapers. They absorb wetness + odor just as well as the regular Pampers [which can be hard to find when using “natural” diapers]. I suggest getting Size 1 or even 2. In reality, most families only need one or two packages of Newborn diapers & typically people like to gift that size!
Pampers Wipes– You will come to realize [+ remember] that baby wipes are the ultimate invention. You can use them for|literally|any AND everything. Despite trying different brands this is what we always come back to.

Breastfeeding [Nursing]

on the baby registry

Nursing Pillow – There are several reasons why I prefer this nursing pillow over the more popular one. This has a much firmer surface that I felt assisted with breastfeeding a lot better. It also buckles around you which is nice for 2 reasons; one – you can move around with it attached to you…while still nursing…and THAT is pretty awesome. Secondly- it adds a little lumbar support while sitting.
Breast Pump– Although I used a Medela pump for a majority of my pumping career, I do prefer this brand. It is super quiet + easy to use. With it’s compact size, it’s great for traveling. Perfect for the working mama!
Handsfree Pumping Bra– Three words: Hands. Free. Pumping. With this bra-like item you can pump while getting ready, doing work, or eating. It’s the perfect way to successfully multitask.
Milk Storage Bags – These have never leaked + wasted any of that precious liquid gold, therefore I highly recommend this brand.
Best Baby Bottle– Of course this is your own baby’s personal preference but after purchasing no less than seven different bottles, this is the one that our babe finally took breast milk in. He liked that he could hold the bottle himself & this is the only brand that had that option for a baby 4+ months.
Lactation supplement – This supplement [mixed with just water!] would increase my milk within, what felt like, just a couple hours. It’s great for when you know you will be away from your baby & need to increase your supply quickly.

Bringing Home Baby

on the baby registry

Top Knot Hat + Tie-Up Onsie – Similiar to the outfit below, this top knot hat will keep your babe super cozy + warm. While the tie-up onsie will make those frequent first diaper changes seem like a breeze.
Pacificer – Our third baby absolutely loved this rubber pacifier. He preferred this one over any other!

Total Must-Haves

on the baby registry

Rock N’ Play – The rock n’ play is so awesome. I wish it would have been around when our first was born! It folds up super nice + easy so you can take it just about anywhere. The slight incline is perfect for gassy bellies & any reflex issues. And of course, it rocks!
Here is another one I listed on the shop page – a little pricey but SUPER cute.
Dock-A-Tot – Sweet baby no.3 loved this so much. No matter where it was “docked” he would sleep like a charm in it. It’s basically magic.
• SwaddleMe Sleepsacks – We loved these the best.
• Nose Frida inspired Naspira – I like this better than the original concept because this also has the classic bulb syringe at the end. I know that this looks dis.gust.ting but all I have to say is; don’t knock it until you’ve try it.
Paci Clips – If your babe is anything thing like mine & loves spitting out the paci just as much as he loves using it, a paci clip is a total must-have.
Halo Bassinet – THIS. This.is.so. flipping amazing. It swivels 360 degrees & can raise + lower to the height of your bed. This means that you don’t have to get up + out of bed to get your babe. The one side rail lowers when gentle pressure is applied, so getting the baby out is super easy. It’s PERFECT for those nighttime feedings!

This is & the Dock-A-Tot are my favorite baby items that we purchased this time around.

For You Mama

on the baby registry

• Olly Stress + Comlexion Gummy Vitamins – Because adjusting to functioning on basically no sleep can make even the most serene person stressed out. These gummies gave me a little relief when things got a bit too crazy. Again, with lack of sleep, the complexion vitamins are crucial to maintaining a non-mombiezombie look 24/7.
Lavendar Essential Oil – Between you + restless babies, you’ll want this gem.
• All of the Coffee – Get this delivered straight to your door + stock up on it, because one of the worst things is waking up, looking forward to your glorious life-saving cup of coffee & realizing that you are OUT.
Eye Cream – Once again with sleep deprivation + stress being your closest frienemies postpartum, this [new to me] nighttime routine step was super helpful.
Mascara + Lip Gloss – Personally, in those first postpartum months, if I’m wearing some lip gloss & a good coat of mascara I feel like a superwoman. I keep both inside my car at all times so I am never without one or the other. These are my two favorite go-to’s.

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, being a mom is one of the hardest, most demanding, most exhilarating rides you will ever navgate your ownway through. Hopefully this list can make that ride a little more enjoyable when things get bumpy.

All of these items on this page are affiliate links. If you purchase using a link, I’ll get a small commission at no cost to you.

What to really put on your baby registry

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