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Why I said “Peace Out Kids” and took a Momcation: 6 Things You Get When you Take a Mom Break

Here’s a little snippet as to why I took a momvacation and what you can get from taking one yourself!

As my husband and I were discussing what to do for his upcoming off weekend [we are a racing family and he only gets some many a year] I mentioned that what we really needed was a little time away together, like without the kids.  Because this mama needs a break.

We started to throw some ideas around as to what we could do and he  suggested that I go see my sister in Nebraska.  My heart literally lit up.
I thought “Yesss, that would be great. I should totally do that.”

So that evening I started to look at tickets. They were at a surprisingly reasonable price point, considering it was two days away.

THEN came the mom guilt. How was it fair that I was going to leave my husbands with the kids, while I go off on my own on his off weekend. How was it fair that I take the first opportunity we have to take a little summer vacay and I go somewhere by myself? Something so “selfish” as a momvacation didn’t seem right.

I went to bed that night undecided whether or not I should go. I WANTED to go and knew that I NEEDED to go but it still seemed so selfish. The next day that mom guilt got heavier. It made me question whether I really needed a break. I started thinking about things like, how I had never left James and how I was still nursing him. I thought about how Jude is in this transition period where he is melting down every three minutes and Tay, well Tay is awesome, no big issues there, but I would miss her like crazy. Then that whole thing of being my husband’s off weekend. Despite him being a father all the time, and not just a babysitter, I still felt this big weight of momguilt for having him alone with the three kids. ?z

It’s the same thing I feel when I have someone watch the kids. Like somehow I need to split them up to make watching all three more manageable. Because with three, it is alot, and I wouldn’t want to put that responsibility or trouble on to someone else’s plate.

Yet- Here I am thinking I can do it all day, everyday without any breaks.

So I reached out to some older, more experienced mama’s and was told that it was 110% okay for me to go.

It’s like I needed that permission to put my own oxygen mask on.

So I fiiinally made the decision to take that momvacation and booked the flights. I choose to not tell my sister and totally surprised her. It was such a special and much needed trip to the midwest…

I ate meals in silence, I drank coffee uninterrupted, and I sat in a chair , until I was ready to get up. Not because some need was unmet.

It was such a weird feeling, I missed my kids, but it wasn’t like it has been in the past where I was DYING to see them again. Nope. Instead, it was like this gratitude for being away and happiness for the kids that they were able to have their own experiences with their dadda. I had such total sense of full faith that they were ok and that I was going to be okay until I got back to them.

As I drove to the airport I realized that I had gone almost four years without taking a trip by myself. THAT is a long time. And I am someone who enjoys her alone time. So the fact that I wasn’t dying to see my kids, probably had something to do with being completely comsumed in motherhood. Which I love, but oh man. Can it be draining.

I’m so grateful I had this opportunity to take a momvacation like this. I know how lucky I am to do this. BUT I also know how much I needed it. Not because I just wanted to casually go to a beach and sip from a cup with a little umbrella in it. No. How much I needed to just sit in sweatpants with my sister and binge watch some tv, to laugh with, to have a convo with her without simunetiasly having a yelling match with my kids to be quiet, how much I need to be in the stillness of the outdoors. [Before 8pm] How I needed to do all of these things, without feeling the time ticking down to when I have to return back home.

I needed this break, before I broke.

If you think you might need a break like this, take the selfLESS act and make a point to make it happen.

Because these are things you get when you take a break…

6 things you get when you take a momvacation.

  1. You remember that you are MORE than “just a mom”.
  2. You can come back refreshed and ready to handle those meltdowns with much better grace.
  3. You miss those littles more than ever [+ the hubby too!]
  4. You can sleep in [well, as late as your again body will now let you] and there is something about “waking up” instead of being WOKE up that totally recharges you.
  5. You can remember + refocus on what your true priorities are in your life.
  6. You remember just how vital self care + breaks are in everyday life.

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